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Indígenas amorúas y sikuanis, el riesgo de vivir en una frontera caótica
(Amorua and Sikuanis indigenous peoples: the risk of living in a chaotic borderland)

A Gabo Foundation Journalism Grant to produce media content on migration
Vichada, Colombian-Venezuelan border March, 2021

Themes: Indigenous rigths, refugees, foced migration, Venezuelan migration crisis.

My role: Journalist, Photojournalist, Producer.

Published by:  El Espectador Newpaper

Language: Spanish

In 2021, I was awarded a grant from the Gabo Foundation, funded by Gabriel García Márquez, to cover migration issues. The Foundation expressed keen interest in my proposal to address the escalating movement of transnational indigenous peoples from Venezuela to Colombia. This migration was driven by the economic collapse of the Maduro government, the hunger crisis in Venezuela, and the complex and often silent dynamics along the border – including the presence of armed groups, the recruitment of minors, and illegal mining activities.

At that point, over 1,600 indigenous individuals had crossed the border, seeking refuge in makeshift settlements and engaging in recycling activities in Puerto Carreño, located in Vichada, Colombia. As a result of the migratory and diplomatic turmoil between Venezuela and Colombia, various ethnic groups arrived in regions such as Vichada, Riohacha, Cúcuta, and Arauca. They settled in garbage dumps and makeshift communities devoid of essential services. This precarious situation became even more dire with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, amplifying health risks. The Ombudsman's Office issued a warning, highlighting the imminent threat of the indigenous communities' disappearance due to their profound vulnerabilities.

For this comprehensive report, I authored the narratives and captured the visuals that appeared both in the print and digital editions of El Espectador.

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