Indigenous Ecological Area Web Platform
The Shipibo Conibo Center (NYC) and the Consejo Shipibo Conibo-Xetebo (Perú). 
December 2022 to Present

Themes: Indigenous Autonomy, Indigenous Knowledges, Decolonizing Conservation, Action Research.

My role: Strategic communicator, Campainer, Social Media Manager.

Language: Spanish and English

In collaboration with the indigenous Shipibo Conibo and campesino communities of the Imiría Lagoon in the Peruvian Amazon, we developed areaecologicaindí, a digital platform aimed at coordinating and documenting their endeavors and strategies in their quest for autonomy and the safeguarding of their watersheds and forests.

The Shipibo Conibo communities residing near the Imiria Lagoon in the Peruvian Amazon have been engaged in a prolonged struggle against the imposition of a state-administered conservation area, one that lacked a proper process of prior consent. Quite the opposite, they've faced broken promises, mishandled funds, and restrictive regulations.

Thirteen years ago, with the backing of international NGOs, the Peruvian government declared a conservation area (the ACR Imiría) over their territories without a legitimate consultation process. This conservation area curtails indigenous lifestyles and infringes upon their right to self-determination and territorial control. Furthermore, the ACR has proven ineffective in curbing deforestation, preventing the influx of coca growers, and halting illegal fishing in the region.

Video: Reynaldo Morales

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