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El Derecho a Defender Derechos
(The Right to Defend Human Rights)

Dejusticia, Colombian Social Leaders, Somos Defensores Program.

Themes: Colombian Peace Agreement, Armed Conflict, Protest, Human Rights Defenders. 

My role: Strategic communicator, Campaigner, Social Media Manager, Producer.

  • Public activations.
  • Participation in social protests.
  • Installation of posters and large-scale murals on Bogotá's main avenues.
  • Street Artist Collaboration.

Language: Spanish

Colombia's implementation of the Peace Agreement, signed in 2016 by the government and the FARC-EP guerrilla, was disrupted in 2018 with the assumption of right-wing politician Iván Duque to the country's presidency. The Centro Democrático, the president's political party, exhibited reluctance in fulfilling the government's commitments outlined in the Agreement. These commitments included ensuring the safety of peace facilitators in various regions and ex-combatants who had endorsed the Agreement. Consequently, this situation led to a significant upsurge in violence targeting both signatories of the peace deal and human rights advocates in Colombia, resulting in a wave of assassinations.

Simultaneously, the government impeded the advancement of the Peace Accords and mishandled international cooperation funds designated for catalyzing transformation and investment towards resolving Colombia's armed conflict.

The "Right to Defend Human Rights" Campaign served as the communication strategy coinciding with the initiation of a lawsuit by Dejusticia, the Somos Defensores program, and other human rights organizations. This lawsuit aimed to secure safeguards for human rights defenders in Colombia. The communication campaign ardently advocated for the protection of imperiled activists and social leaders. It included public interventions such as active participation in social protests, performative actions, and the creation of large-scale murals on the main thoroughfares of the city.

Over the span of two weeks, we meticulously crafted and disseminated over 8,000 posters that were affixed to the streets of Bogotá. These posters bore phrases such as: "Defending Mother Earth entails significant risks," "Supporting the Peace Accord entails significant risks," and "Protesting entails significant risks."



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