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Relatos Anfibios Poscast           
Dejusticia and Cartagena Federal
Language: Spanish

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Relatos Anfibios (Amphibious Tales) is a project that disseminates social research and urgent strategic litigation cases using experimental storytelling forms. I conceived this product during my time coordinating the communications team at Dejusticia and developed the concept in collaboration with the podcast producers at Cartagena Federal.

Relatos Anfibios became the first narrative podcast created by an NGO in Colombia, born out of our interest in exploring innovative ways to communicate stories related to human rights defense in Colombia and the Global South.

For this project, I was involved in every aspect of the product's design, from its visual identity and branding to podcast conceptualization, production, and subsequent distribution. This project has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my journalistic career.

In 2019, the podcast was featured in the cultural magazine Arcadia as one of the best podcasts in Colombia. That same year, it received recognition from the jury of the Simón Bolivar National Journalism Award for its episode discussing the little-known Guaimaros massacre that took place in the Montes de María region in northern Colombia.

Relatos Anfibios gets its name from Dejusticia's approach to conducting Research-Action in Colombia. One way to describe this approach has been coined "Amphibious Research," which elucidates the possibility of employing different strategies, such as communications and strategic litigation, to work towards achieving viable social change.

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