Savia: A Journalist-Led Botanical Expedition in Colombia
Grupo Argos
Editors: Héctor Rincón y Ana María Cano.

Themes: Plant intelligence, timber trees, medicinal plants, herbal squares, herbalists in rural areas.

My role: Wrote two chapters of the project, which produced five printed book volumes about Colombian scientific disseminations. 

Lenguaje: Spanish

The Savia Collection beautifully encapsulated Colombia's botanical wealth across five volumes, categorizing the content into five distinct regions: Caribbean, Amazon-Orinoco, Pacific, Eastern, and Andean zones.

The inaugural volume, "Savia Caribe," debuted in 2012, followed by "Amazonas - Orinoco" in 2013, and so forth, until the comprehensive Savia Collection was finalized in 2017. These Savia books not only catered to experts and sponsors but were also made freely available to the public via Colombia's Public Libraries, facilitated by the Colombian National Network of Libraries.

Functioning as editorial endeavors, the books within the Savia Collection were crafted with a journalistic perspective. Fueled by meticulous botanical research and thorough expert scrutiny, their primary goal is to present comprehensible content to the general populace. To achieve this, the books embrace the narrative style of journalistic chronicles, thereby bridging the gap between scientific reality and a broader readership with accessible language.

For this collection, I wrote two chapters:
  1. "Árboles Maderables: Robles, Nísperos, Manglares y Hombres," focused on timber trees from the Pacific region of Colombia.
  2. "Plantas Medicinales: Infusiones y Baños Místicos," covering medicinal plants that grow near the Chicamocha Canyon and in the department of Santander.

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